I'm Cory, a product, motion and interaction designer from Vancouver, Canada with over 15 years of experience and a depth of knowledge in interface design, visual effects for film and end to end feature design for mixed reality.




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Work experience


Designer June 2018 - Present

I have an integral design role on a multi-disciplinary team where designers, artists, engineers, QA and data scientists work together. I experienced what it takes to work on a product from proof of concept to private preview to general availability. I learned to drive results and get work into product on a large team with several stake holders.

Core priorities

Design end-to-end features that are user-centric and data driven to ensure an intuitive and valuable customer experience.

Contribute to design initiatives to ensure product meet business goals, continually improving and remains scalable.

Maintain and prioritize the art backlog.

Set clear art targets to maintain and increase the visual quality of product.

Add UI animation to appropriate components to empower users and increase overall confidence in experience and product.

Other work

Lead a Figma team in creating a small but effective design system that spans multiple products. This work leads to visual alignment, increased interdisciplinary collaboration and tools that empower the design team.

Drive multiple customer engagements with strategic partners.

Drive marketing projects that focus on business value including visual content and video production efforts.

Ensure visual alignment to the company wide design system (Fluent Design).


Patent: Mixed Reality Spatial Instruction Authoring.

Took on scrum master duties for a 3 month period.

Decca Digital

Principle + Motion Designer 2005 - 2018

I created 2D and 3D motion sequences for films and television shows from initial concept to final delivery. The deliverable requirements typically included high fidelity, interactive sequences that focused on telling a complex story point in a simple and visual way.

Core priorities

Conceptualize, design, create and author interactive motion sequences.

Set the visual look and feel for technologies depicted within a specific story.

Breakdown scripts to identify opportunities to advance story points through screen interactions and motion sequences.

Test and validate motion sequences for technical robustness and story accuracy.

Other work

Created and implemented systems and templates to help with frequent changes in visual direction and quick turn around times typically required in the film industry.


Patent—Mixed Reality Spatial Instruction Authoring.

Software Knowledge

To be successful in my career I've been required to learn a variety of different software packages that focus on 2D design, 3D animation, motion design and interactive authoring.

2D design




2D motion

After Effects


Cinema 4D



Unity 3D




Center for Digital Imaging & Sound (now Art Institue Vancouver)

2 year "masters" program focusing on interactive authoring.


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